Zinc Oxide Applications
Zinc OxideFor Rubber
Zinc Oxide is an essential part of Tyre & Rubber, both for its chemical activity during Vulcanization and its effect on the physical properties of the finished rubber goods.
Zinc Oxide Ceramics
Zinc Oxide is used in Ceramics as a fluxing agent in the preperation of frit and Enamels.
Zinc Oxide in Paints
Zinc Oxide often finds the application in Paint and Pigment Industryand helps in providing anti-corrosive coating for different metals.
Zinc Oxide for Medicine
Zinc Oxide also has micro-nutrient properties and is used indietary supplements and vitamin tablets.
Zinc Oxide in Agriculture
Zinc Oxide rich minerals increase crop productivity and life. Zincrich nutrients are used for animal feeds as they form an integralpart of the enzyme system of the body.